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What is the fuss about TRIO alternative payments Authorization ID?

Updated: Mar 15

The TRIO Authorization ID, or TRIO Authorization Identification, is an electronic signature provided by the TRIO web service to its users.

This signature is generated as a confirmation of a payment made using the TRIO service. The TRIO Authorization ID serves to validate the following key points:

1. Online Identity Verification: It affirms that the identity of the TRIO user is verified through an online process, ensuring the legitimacy of the user's identity.

2. Authorization to Share Identity: The user grants permission for TRIO to share this verified identity with the recipient of the Authorization ID, enhancing transparency in the transaction.

3. Acknowledgment of User's Involvement: The TRIO user acknowledges that they personally executed the transaction, and they cannot later deny their involvement, reinforcing the concept of non-repudiation.

4. Confirmation of Correct Payee: The user acknowledges that the recipient/payee specified in the transaction is accurate and cannot be disputed, further solidifying the integrity of the payment.

In essence, the TRIO Authorization ID serves as a digital seal of approval, confirming the user's identity, authorizing information sharing, and cementing the authenticity of the transaction and payee, all of which are essential for secure and verifiable electronic payments.

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