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TRIO   Identity  Tokens

EU MICA defines a utility token as an asset intended to provide digital access to a good or service available on DLT. It is only accepted by the issuer of that token. Therefore, TRIO Identity Token is a utility token.

TRIO tokens are used exclusively by the TRIO ecosystem.

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TRIO tokens exclusively enable these unique features:

  • Send a non-monetary (Testnet) TRIO token and give your reputation score to the B2C Seller. 

  • Send a non-monetary (Testnet) TRIO token to the person you choose to disclose your Identity.

  • Send monetary TRIO tokens (via CASP  on Mainnet)  in a secure B2C or B2B transaction.

Presently TRIO tokens are available only on Ethereum Testnet, as non-monetary tokens (see the EULA for additional info).




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