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TRIO for Online Trade.

TRIO is a comprehensive Trust platform for Online Trade, between Buyers and Sellers, including all stages of the trade:

      The Holy Grail: There is no way criminals will steal your TRIO tokens or TRIO transactions or use TRIO for money laundering. Promoting Excellence: It allows Buyers to see the Seller's reputation rating, which is verifiably accurate to be fraud-free. Cost and Speed Gain: for Buyers and Sellers in B2B (wholesale), and in C2C and B2C (retail), anywhere in the World. Enabling Trust in retail e-commerce: If the Seller did not deliver the Goods or the Services to the Buyer- TRIO will resolve the dispute. Enabling Trust in wholesale e-commerce: Freeze the payment in the Seller's account until the Seller fulfills the purchase agreement. Market-ready: Easy integration with any Bank (wholesale) or e-merchant (retail). TRIO applies globally to wholesale, retail, B2C, B2B, and C2C. Add Pay with TRIO as an alternative payment and enjoy these benefits. 


TRIO Platform Benefits for Businesses

Are you tired of:

  • Fraudulent activity plaguing your platform?

  • Lengthy and cumbersome KYC processes slowing down your user onboarding?

  • High transaction fees and inefficient payment processing systems?

Here's how TRIO can transform your business:

  • Prevent fraud by design.

  • Stop losing sales through inefficient fraud prevention filters.

  • Eliminate KYC headaches with secure and verified user identities.

  • Ensure compliance with AML regulations through built-in auditability and traceability.

  • Provide reliable reputation score, based upon verifiable customer satisfaction. 

TRIO Platform Benefits For Consumers


Are you tired of:

  • Sharing your personal information with countless companies?

  • Worrying about lost keys, stolen funds, identity theft and fraudulent activity?

TRIO, the revolutionary Identity and Payments Platform, empowers you to:

  • Own and control your personal data.

  • Protect yourself from theft, fraud and identity theft.

  • Enjoy fast, secure, and affordable online transactions.

With TRIO, you can:

  • Verify your identity instantly with any participating service.

  • Make payments quickly and safely with low fees.

  • Benefit from transparent and auditable transactions.

Take charge of your digital life with TRIO.

TRIO Platform Benefits For Society 

Prevent Financial Crime, including Transaction Money Laundering.

TRIO Breakthrough 

for Online Trade  

Buy/sell anywhere confidently, free from theft, fraud, and money laundering.​

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