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Secure Real-Time Payments

TRIO Identity Authenticator

TRIO Identity Authenticator

To enable fraud prevention, theft prevention, and anti-money laundering - TRIO needs to verify the user's Identity in real-time.

TRIO Identity Authenticator enables patented, multi-factor, context- and risk-aware, Strong Identification-as-a-Service (IDaaS) for Online Access and Real-Time Payments. This is the first simultaneous by-design, online identification, and transaction authentication solution. We want to authenticate both the user’s identity and the transaction request— "who" and "what"—to ensure that nothing has been altered along the way and to save time! It also resolves the endpoint vulnerability issue: "What You See is Not What You Get!".


TRIO Strong Customer Authentication is based on the following:
Possession-something only the user possesses a smartphone.
Knowledge-something only the user knows the PIN.
To enable Transaction Risk Analysis -additional elements are also provided:
Geolocation pattern matching and Behavioral Biometrics. 

Malware protection is based upon our patented Cognitive validation of the payee account.
An extra security element is the Dynamic Link of Customer Authentication to the Amount and Payee, thus providing Payment Authentication.


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