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TRIO Identity Wallet 
Stop looking for the Keys. You need to make backup wallets and we will keep them bulletproof.

TRIO Identity Wallet

TRIO is a browser extension that provides users with an interface to interact with the Ethereum blockchain and manage their assets. It is not an entity that directly provides money transmission services, as it does not accept funds from one person and transmit them to another person or location.

TRIO represents a breakthrough in blockchain cybersecurity and is applied explicitly to online trade.

TRIO Wallet-as-a-Service is a new type of Identity (Named} wallet.  The wallet makes it easy to securely store, send, and receive Ether (ETH) and Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens in a secure, private wallet. TRIO never has access to your funds.

  • Travel Rule requirements:

Be safe! All accounts are Named (Identity-bound), thus bringing you in line with Travel Rule requirements while preserving your privacy. TRIO provides the Identity of self-custodial account holders, the first ever! If you own a self-hosted wallet (hot or cold), you may import your account into a TRIO wallet and provide your consent to share your Identity with Crypto-Assets Service Providers as required. 

  • TRIO secure wallet :

Hold safe! Now you may create backup wallets without fear of being stolen. Even if your laptop with the wallet is lost, damaged, or stolen - nothing will happen to your crypto tokens because the key is you!​​

  • P2P  Payments :

Transfer safely! For the first time, TRIO enables you to pay, in real-time, any amount, to a person unknown to you, in complete security and compliance, without excessive fees. TRIO even prevents you from making erroneous transfers.  Newly created wallet accounts will serve you in the TRIO ecosystem for ether and tokens transfers and e-commerce/metaverse, offering you unparalleled security, resulting in fraud and theft prevention. (When we say prevention - we mean it!). This feature will require utilizing the TRIO Identity Authenticator smartphone app.


How TRIO Works:

 To login into the TRIO wallet, one must provide their username and wallet password. To transfer tokens, one must authenticate their smartphone. Your transaction data is validated to prevent theft and fraud. You remain in control of your private keys, which are stored nowhere but generated on your device on-demand

TRIO Wallet is the most secure wallet today:

The ultimate security test: TRIO Token @ TRIO wallet

Imagine that your worst nightmares come true, and a “5-dollar-wrench” attacker is before you. He orders you to transfer your crypto to his address. You open your wallet, pass through all security gates and authorize the transaction. You are about to lose all your money without the ability to recover it because you have approved the transaction. Will TRIO help you?   YES! The transaction will FAIL.

Flexibility vs. Security.

With TRIO, you can have both! Use "created account" for max security and "imported accounts" with max flexibility.


Comparing TRIO wallet vs. unhosted wallets:

Comparison of TRIO wallet with unhosted wallets

TRIO Wallet Video

For Android phones get Kiwi Browser

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