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Addressing the Challenges of E-Commerce with TRIO Alternative Payments

Updated: Mar 15

I've asked #ChatGPT the following question:

What are the problems of online trade facing buyers and sellers?

Here is the answer:

"Online trade, also known as e-commerce, has revolutionized how people buy and sell goods and services. However, it also presents numerous challenges and problems for buyers and sellers. Some of the main issues facing each group are:


1. Trust: One of the biggest problems for online buyers is establishing trust with the seller. They need to be confident that the seller will deliver the product as described and will be of the quality they expect.

2. Security: Online buyers are also at risk of fraud and identity theft. They need to be careful when sharing their personal and financial information online and should only purchase from reputable websites.

3. Delivery: Another challenge for buyers is the delivery of purchased products. There can be delays, shipping problems, or issues with the quality of the consequences when they arrive.


1. Competition:

With so many businesses selling online, it can be difficult for sellers to

stand out from the crowd and attract customers.

2. Payment Processing: Online sellers need a secure and reliable payment process. They also need to be aware of the fees associated with different payment processing services

3. Shipping costs and logistics can significantly challenge online sellers. They need to be able to get products to customers quickly and efficiently while also keeping costs under control.

Overall, online trade presents several challenges for both buyers and sellers. Addressing these challenges requires careful attention to trust, security, delivery, competition, payment processing, and shipping logistics."

To address most of these challenges, we have developed TRIO.

TRIO is a comprehensive Trust Enabler for E-Commerce between Buyers and Sellers, including all stages of the Online Trade:

Seller’s #reputation rating to aid Buyer’s decision,

Buyer’s wallet #insurance, to protect Buyer’s funds.

Buyer’s #fraud #prevention, to protect the Seller.

#Dispute #Resolution to protect the Buyer.

#Cost reduction to benefit the Buyer and the Seller.

TRIO is applicable for #B2C, #B2B, and #C2C, globally.

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