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TRIO alternative payments - the solution to the global problem

Updated: Mar 15

TRIO is a scalable closed-loop payment system for “banked” and “unbanked” customers, free from theft, fraud, and money laundering. TRIO comprises three technological layers:

1. Security foundation layer- the TRIO Token.

2. Usability layer- the TRIO wallet.

3. Application layer- Cross-Border Trade is based on a closed-loop payment network free of Theft, Fraud, and Money Laundering in this project.

The security foundation of TRIO is the TRIO token.

Why TRIO token?

There are plenty of cryptocurrency tokens. Practically all of them are built upon intelligent contracts on the Ethereum network blockchain. These smart contracts are a set of rules that govern, among other things, how to transfer these tokens from one wallet address to another. They mimic the banking system, where fiat money can be transferred from one bank account to another.

But the security of this banking transfer is provided by the underlying IT infrastructure, comprising many software pieces. Sometimes this infrastructure fails, and we get theft or fraud; sometimes, it is dysfunctional, and we get money laundering.

Smart contracts are independent of underlying IT infrastructure. Due to the immutability nature of blockchain, no change is possible on a deployed smart contract.

TRIO token is based upon a different smart contract. TRIO smart contract precludes transfer to anonymous people outside TRIO's closed-loop payment system, thus preventing theft and money laundering.

Let's test this: suppose we got an unfortunate visit from a 5-dollar wrench burglar. We will fully cooperate and send the tokens to the anonymous wallet address of his choice. But TRIO smart contract itself will not allow it. TRIO tokens cannot be stolen by design.

This means that the TRIO tokens cannot be stolen ( and therefore, user accounts will be insured by default). TRIO tokens are useless outside the TRIO payment network, and thieves and fraudsters cannot use them in any way. Some experts request competitive analysis, but no comparable token exists. TRIO token breakthrough that this the first-ever computer process immune to cyberattacks today and in the future. TRIO token is a utility token ( similar to commercial bank money in the fiat world), but it is scalable to be used by everybody!

The usability layer of TRIO is TRIO Wallet.

Why TRIO Wallet?

Public blockchain users may choose from two wallets: hosted or unhosted. Hosted wallets are crypto wallets where hosts, typically crypto exchanges, own private keys. Their advantage is that the owner's identity is known, and these wallets comply with regulations. Their disadvantage is that they are frequently hacked, in billions of dollars. Their underlying IT infrastructure is the main reason.

Unhosted wallets have a private key in the possession of the anonymous owner. These wallets include hot, internet-connected software wallets like MetaMask or cold, internet-disconnected hardware wallets like Ledger. Their anonymity violates EU and US regulations. The unhosted wallets are also hacked, but it is less reported. But their main problem is people forgetting their keys and passwords.

The sad state-of-the-art is that if your exchange gets hacked, you lose all your money. If your wallet gets hacked, you lose all of your money. If you forget your login credentials, you lose all of your cash…

A few years ago Ledger customer list was stolen. This is a huge deal. Why do Ledger owners want their anonymity? Because of the 5-dollar wrench attack: If a burglar comes into your house with this inexpensive weapon, you will immediately give your money.

TRIO wallet is the first Identity-bound unhosted crypto wallet, as the European Parliament requires. TRIO wallet resolves the above security vulnerabilities and usability issues.

It is worth mentioning that the TRIO wallet resolves the issue of sending crypto to the wrong address and creating wallet backups without fear. Three patents protect TRIO wallet technology.

The application layer of TRIO for cross-border trade is based upon TRIO Token and TRIO Wallet, ensuring freedom of theft, fraud, and money laundering.

TRIO for cross-border trade.

Cross-border trade consists of transactions where the buyer and seller are located in different jurisdictions. Cross-border flows can be broadly segregated into two subclasses. First, cross-border retail trade consists of smaller-value, high-volume transactions. Second, wholesale cross-border trade is high-value, smaller volume transactions.

Retail payments are generally facilitated using credit card networks, while wholesale prices are reduced using bank escrows. Credit card networks are required to prevent fraud in nearly real-time. Thus about 5% of the transactions result in false declines. In addition, the absence of trust between the buyer and the seller results in chargeback in about 1% of the transactions. Bank escrows are generally slow and require a lot of interaction with buyers and sellers. The transactions are expensive in both cases, about 3% of the value.

TRIO's cross-border trade solution is applicable for retail and wholesale payments. It is based upon Sentrycs escrow and theft-free, fraud-free, and money-laundering-free TRIO closed-loop payment network, described in TRIO token and TRIO wallet clips.

The seller must add the Pay with TRIO button to his webpage. The buyer's experience with Pay with TRIO involves copying/pasting TRIO wallet payment details. There is no need to fill in personal information. After Sentrycs Escrow receives the buyer's payment and it is validated to be fraud-free, the purchase order and payment are forwarded to the seller.

TRIO's solution for cross-border trade is immediate, cheap, and of universal reach, including banked and unbanked customers.


TRIO project is based upon technological breakthroughs, is timely, driven by a capable team, scalable to global markets, and positively impacts society in general.

Removing fraud, theft, and money laundering from the world economy may free up to 5% of global GDP stolen by financial crime and used by criminals and terrorists. Financial crime causes incalculable harm around the World. This has severe economic and social costs regarding the lost revenues to national exchequers that could be invested in social development and times of the impact on individual lives.

To see the TRIO wallet and TRIO token in action - please visit our website: > support > join TRIO now

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