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“Not your coins” – who are you going to blame for your crypto wallet?

Updated: Mar 15

FTX crypto exchange collapse has been equated to the Enron, Sub-Prime, and Madoff bust because many people lost their money while others made loads of money. That's how greed works.

Is blockchain greedy by design?

Is it not more sinister than subprime derivatives? Simply put, the person will invest in anything if someone tells him he will make tons of money in no time.

Is there a difference between investing in crypto in exchange, such as FTX, or investing in equity at Lehman Brothers? Many people cannot explain the difference or even why they should care.

But 15 years after Satoshi Nakamoto, did we find any use case for blockchain other than greed? Is there any further technological advancement that blockchain is suitable for? What can we do with Crypto and Decentralized Blockchain that cannot be done with Fiat Money and Centralized Banking?

Blockchain purists will tell you, “Not your keys- not your coins." So that you should keep your crypto tokens using unhosted, self-custody wallets. But this resembles keeping fiat money under the mattress, which is not the cure for all problems.

So it brings us to the use case of TRIO: an ecosystem free of theft, fraud, and money laundering, built upon Cloud-based Identity and Blockchain.

The table below demonstrates the breakthrough difference between TRIO, Centralized Crypto Exchanges, and Fiat Banking:

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