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Are you bullish on Crypto Tokens?

Updated: Mar 15

Time to consider TRIO Utility Token!

TRIO Utility Tokens grant TRIO platform users enhanced security features, generally unavailable in a public blockchain ecosystem. In this ecosystem- the widely accepted ERC-20 token standard is utilized in self-custodial unhosted crypto wallets.

If you keep any ERC-20 token using your self-custodial wallet, many things can go wrong:

1. You may send these tokens to the wrong address

2. You may send these tokens to the right address, but for the wrong reason (you have been tricked or defrauded)

3. Somebody may steal your credentials and send these tokens somewhere (theft)

4. You may lose access to your wallet and your tokens

5. You may be asked to pay a ransom (ransomware)

6. If you pass away - there is no way to inherit your tokens.

7. The anonymity can be used for money laundering.

Using TRIO Tokens with any self-custodial wallet- keeps you safe:

1. You cannot send these tokens to the wrong address

2. If you are tricked or defrauded - your transfer may be reversed.

3. One cannot steal TRIO tokens and transfer them to an anonymous account

4. If you lose your wallet - your TRIO tokens may be rewarded to your new wallet.

5. One cannot use TRIO tokens for ransomware.

6, TRIO tokens can be inherited.

7. Money laundering is prevented since TRIO Tokens owners pass KYC process.

You can get your complimentary TRIO tokens, currently on Testnet, if you join TRIO. You may get additional TRIO tokens if you invite friends to join TRIO.

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