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The Time is for TRIO

TRIO is an Identity and Payments platform.

  • TRIO serves as DeFi and E-commerce Trust Enabler for “Banked” and “Unbanked” Customers, and Businesses, free from Online Financial Crime (Theft, Fraud, and Money Laundering), built upon Cloud-based Identity and Ethereum-compatible Public Blockchain.

  • TRIO represents a breakthrough in blockchain cybersecurity and online trust.


E-Commerce & Financial Crime.

Payment card Networks such as VISA have centralized payments, but decentralized security, with hundreds of billions $ lost to theft, fraud, and money laundering. TRIO Network has decentralized payments. but synergetic centralized security, thus enabling freedom from theft, fraud, and money laundering.

TRIO Technology Stack

1. TRIO 2-stage Identity On-Boarding (KYC).

2. TRIO Identity Wallet-as-a-Service.

3. TRIO, Smartphone, Identity Authenticator.

4. TRIO Data, Identity & Access Management.

5. TRIO Web-to-Blockchain interface.

6. TRIO Utility Identity Tokens.

How TRIO Identity is Established

User onboarding results in Identity Verification Online, followed by binding this Identity with Private/Public Key Pair generated by TRIO wallet. TRIO Utility Token is sent to the new users upon request,

Applicable to DeFI and Identity Verification for P2P Transactions.

Examples range from Defi and P2P Crypto Trading and P2P Lending/Crowdfunding to Dating Services and Digital Signature of any content (image, video, audio, or text).

DeFi, KYC and TRIO.
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